Literature review on customer satisfaction fast food

The main questions of this dissertation are as below; What is the relationship between customer satisfaction and brand loyalty? Context In a study carried out by June and Smith[29], a liquor license in restaurants was shown to be more important in the case of intimate dinners and celebrations amongst friends, such as birthdays, whereas the presence of attentive employees was more relevant for family dinners and business lunches, and a secluded place for intimate dinners.

The rest of the items were categorized as of little importance. One of the major tasks nowadays for the organizations operating in the restaurant and service industries is to provide and maintain the satisfaction of their customers and ensure their brand loyalty.

The satisfied customers always show significant interest in buying additional products which are offered by the organization and it also help a great deal in order to ensure the success of the newly launched brands of the firm in the long run. Employees are rated on how well they do their jobs compared with a set of standards determined by the employer.

The most important consideration is that customer satisfaction results in brand loyalty which will create a broad impact on the overall business results for the organization. The main findings of the research reflect that brand loyalty generates significant benefits aimed at the firms functioning in the era of the increasing competition.

Next, the consumer evaluatesthe alternatives for example, different restaurants. With respect to gender, it was shown that women were more inclined than men to valorize the preferences of their family and children when choosing a food service, and they were also more concerned about food safety, quality and taste.

Finally, Knutson et al. Takeaway outlets and agribusiness management review. Energy density per usd to extenz review abstract. Is a company, to receive the times enjoying the book. Chains peer 4, as http: Considering the diversity of types of restaurant on the market, there is a need for more surveys, since many types of food service have not yet been investigated, or were only involved in a limited number of surveys, such as full-service restaurants, buffet by weight restaurants, vegetarian restaurants, ethnic restaurants, etc.

Literature review on fast food

Literature review example of minnesota. As the results of this research, there were differences of satisfaction on school meal service by eating places and gender. Nov 30 lakes and discussion forums offered on customer satisfaction is the full online classics of academic subjects. Considering the sex of the consumers, it can be seen that male students and younger students both perceived the price as relatively more important than female and older students.

The first table in output lists independent variable that are the entered into regression models, and R. Context Miller andGinter[44] investigated the selection of fast-food restaurants considering specific situations: That is why we offer exclusively premium services performed by carefully selected staff with PhDs in almost every possible field of study.

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Nevertheless, in another survey carried out by Kim et al.LITERATURE REVIEW INTRODUCTION fast food, dry cleaning, banks and pest control (Cronin have evidenced a positive relationship between food quality and customer satisfaction as well as loyalty in Korean restaurants.

Another seminal work is the study conducted by Dube et.

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Dec 31,  · Comparison of student's satisfaction on school food service environment by the eating place and gender Jisook Jung, 1 Youngmee Lee, 1 and Yu-jin Oh 2 1 Department of Food and Nutrition, Kyungwon University, Bokjeong-dong, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam, GyeonggiKorea.

Information Technology on Customer satisfaction in fast food industry.

Factors Affecting Customer Satisfaction In Fast Food Restaurants

LITERATURE REVIEW CUSTOMER SATISFACTION The literature is revealed that most of the work on customer satisfaction covered the major factor hospitality services like service, product quality, atmosphere of fast food industry but it is also show impact on operation.

REVIEW OF LITERATURE OF FAST FOOD INDUSTRY. Literature Review. Restaurant - Thesis. Local Literature. Sample - Review of Related Literature. Theoretical Background of Customer Satisfaction. Chapter Literature Review- Customer satisfaction in call center.

Uploaded by. Thanh doan.1/5(1). customer satisfaction with career guidance in a systematic way, it is hoped that it also includes a number of findings that may have wider applicability.

Methodology This paper is part of a series reporting the results of a literature review commissioned Best Practice Literature Review - Customer Satisfaction ().

The ability to stretch customer base is a function of exhaustive market research, often fast food. II. LITERATURE REVIEW Schlosser E () found that that people decide to choose fast food restaurant because they like the taste and prefer instant satisfaction of their taste buds.

Thesis On Customer Satisfaction In Restaurants

Fast food restaurant include a wide range of quick and.

Literature review on customer satisfaction fast food
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